About us


Shoots is borne of co-owner and pro-surfer Cheyne Magnusson's lifelong passion for surf, spearfishing and the nuances of traditional poke preparation. Joining forces with co-owner and fellow surfer, Chris Slowey, and Executive Chef, Davin Waite to bring forward this mad scientist combination of a Maui-meets-Baja menu with affinity for sustainable and fresh seafood.


Our beer styles are designed to complement the flavor profiles of the food offerings. Brewed locally, our styles include a Japanese Lager, Blonde Ale, IPA, and Double IPA. Also included in the SHOOTS DRINKERY is other hand-selected local beers, seltzers, kombuchas, and organic wines.

Cheyne Magnusson (Founder)

Magnusson Cheyne

Davin Waite (Executive Chef)

Davin Waite